Simon doing a good job with Agriculture


ACKNOWLEDGE the tremendous work Agriculture Minister John Simon has put into agriculture development in Papua New Guinea.
His appointment to the agriculture ministry is timely as this is not a mistake.
The recent launching and declaration to rebuild cattle ranch in Papua New Guinea is no doubt appropriate.
His works may not hit the lime light of the media but his actions are loud enough.
Cattle ranching will help save PNG about K300 million.
Currently, PNG imports about K300 million worth of beef and meat products annually and that is an astonishing amount.
That money can be saved and reinvested into other public services.
Cattle ranching has been deteriorating with few to non-existing in PNG.
The Government needs to take heed of significant issues raised by Simon to resurrect cattle ranching in PNG.
The Government should put in the effort and channel adequate funds for viable agricultural initiatives.
Funding to the agricultural department should be prioritised if the Government is serious about taking back PNG. The good works by the department will flourish if it is paid full attention.
I know that our minister has much more to offer to revitalise and reignite the agriculture sector if he is given enough support.
By investing in agriculture, people in villages will remain there without migrating to towns and cities looking for opportunities.
Agriculture and farming is in our people’s blood and need no introduction.
The Government only needs to help our people.

Maru Igabi

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