Simon warns people of scammers


MAPRIK MP John Simon has warned people in his district to be wary of scammers.
He issued the warning after several people claiming to be representatives of the Pangu Pati went around the district offering membership to the party with sign-up fees.
A person of interest allegedly belonging to a newly-established church had been prompting individuals to sign up for membership with promises of thousands of kina credited into their accounts as rewards; those who signed up were asked to pay K50 or more.
It was alleged that in some instances, Pangu Pati founding member Sir Peter Lus’ name was used to gain trust and entice people to sign up.
Simon condemned the actions of the individuals.
He said people enquiring about Pangu Pati could see him.
Simon said the party was not aware of any representatives or people collecting fees from individuals.
He said the party had not chosen its executives yet or held its annual convention and for individuals using this to take money from people in the district was “outrageous”.
He told people not to fall for what these scammers were telling them.
He said Pangu was one of the first political parties in PNG and had a proud history with many great leaders having been a part of it and its reputation was important.