Simple info on health and hygiene stressed

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SIMPLE information on health and hygienic practices have always been expressed by community health workers in urban and rural clinics and aid posts but the people have failed to practise them.
Morobe province youth council secretary Francis Masiang said during training of volunteers in Lae last weekend that simple rules “such as washing hands before meals and handling of food, and after using the rest-rooms” had been continuously stressed by health workers.
He said health workers had also been advising people to build pit latrines, long before the outbreak of cholera.
Mr Masiang said if everyone practised good hygiene, there would not have been an outbreak of cholera in the city.
The participants were expected to go on and inform the people of Lae and the surrounding suburbs.
The volunteers were from various non-governmental organisations, community-based organisations, churches and police personnel.
Dr Andrew Roberts of COMPASS project and Mirjam van Bohemen of Medecins Sans Frontieres conducted the training.