Sinana-Yongumugl needs development


THERE has been no tangible development in my district, Sinasina-Yongomugl, Chimbu, for almost nine years.
The district services improvement programme funds, which were supposed to be used on community development projects to address people’s needs, were diverted to unnecessary projects.
The people in remote communities are facing the consequences of such decisions.
They still suffer from the needs of basic healthcare, education services, electricity and roads.
There are no noticeable changes in the district.
For instance; the district has old staff houses and the district office needs proper renovation.
Koge Health Centre needs maintenance, Muaina Secondary School needs classroom renovations and a proper science laboratory and library and the primary schools in the district need urgent repair as teachers are sleeping in the old colonial buildings.
We became the victims of weak governance, failing health system, mediocre education system and poor law and order situation.
The potential of subsistence agriculture continues to be ignored by our district leaders.
I urge the people to take these concerns seriously and make wise decisions for our future generations.

Wesley Karl Mawe,
Concerned SSY Citizen