Sinasina-Yongomugl students need help


I AM one of those many people from the Sinasina-Yongomugl electorate who has no idea what DSIP, PSIP and LLG SIPs are meant for and how they work
I am writing this so someone up there can explain them to me.
From what I gather from the daily newspapers, almost three quarters of our MPs, including our prime minister, prioritises education by paying the school fees of their students at tertiary institutions around the country and even overseas.
But I have not yet seen outspoken Opposition MP Kerenga Kua put up a budget for his tertiary students, some of whom are silently and painfully withdrawing from study.
Kua said he is doing a bottom-up approach by paying school fees at elementary and secondary levels, but do those elementary and secondary students have a job guarantee? Shift your focus and pay for the tertiary students from your electorate because they, at least, have a 90 per cent chance of getting work at the end of their study.
You cannot just sit and watch.

Watch Dog

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