Sinebare: Information technology vital

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The National,Friday July 13th, 2012

THE use of Information and Communication Technology in this changing world is vital for Papua New Guinea and the Department of Education to adopt and utilise in the delivery of education services, says Dr Musawe Sinebare.Sinebare, who is the Secretary for Education said this when witnessing the official launching of the National Education Media Policy, EQITV Phase 2 and hand over of equipment from Japan International Cooperation Agency to the National Education Media Centre of PNG in Port Moresby yesterday.He said the National Education Plan 2005-2015 and the Universal Basic Education Plan 2010-2018 are the major plans and policies developed by the department to successfully deliver quality education servi­ces to the people of PNG. “These plans and policies had links with the government’s PNG Vision 2050 plan and Medium Term Development Plan.”He said the department  and JICA had also implemented some other partnership projects. like Distance Education Live Recording  2002- 2004 resulted in the program Enhancing Quality in Teaching Through TV Program (EQITV) Phase one in 2005-2008 and now the launching of EQITV Phase two 2012- 2015.“With the launching of the National Education Media Policy, we aim to utilize the Education Media Program and the use of ICT in Education and the expansion of EQUITV phase two to achieve our UBE goals and the NEP 2005-2015.” “Media is powerful tool and the use of ICT through various modes using TV, Radio, internet, Teleconferencing and interconnectivity of computers through internet in education can further improve the quality, access, equity and maintenance and achieve the UBE goals. Even though it may seem expensive but it’s worth trying,” Sinebare said.He said through EQUITV they have reached the remotest parts of PNG like Makiri primary School on Bali Island in West New Britain, Watela primary school in Hela, Mathias Merimba primary in Gembolg, Chimbu, Kanabea Primary in Kaintiba, Gulf and others.