Sinivit landowners told to beware of ‘consultants’ collecting fees

Islands, Normal

By ABIGAIL APINA UPNG Journalism student

SINIVIT landowners are warned not to allow men pretending to be consultants to collect fees from them.
Uramat landowners chairman Hosea Kailam said he had received complaints from landowners over ‘consultants’ working with certain landowners and threatening them to get cash.
Such ‘consultants’ and some landowners have been visiting their homes frequently since November to collect unnecessary fees from individuals and families, adding that the Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) had imposed the fees and advised them to collect the fees for the National Government to release their royalties.
Mr Kailam said the highest fee collected from each family was K200 and individual fees ranging from K3 to K10.
“They have continuously collected these fees for the past three months and often collect different rates during each visit.
“Receipts are also not issued.
“This has made it difficult for the landowners to claim their money.”
Mr Kailam told The National he had a meeting with New Guinea Gold Limited officials last Tuesday asking for explanations regarding the ‘consultants’ but they denied any association with them.
“These ‘consultants’ are taking advantage of the illiterate landowners, deceiving them to get money. The MoA signed last year had no provision for landowners to pay certain fees.
“I warn landowners to avoid such people and report them to the police if they come around to collect fees,” Mr Kailam said.