Sir Arnold has lost touch with reality

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday 08th December 2011

THE people of Madang gave their mandate to Sir Arnold Amet and he has let them down.
He is a person of high calibre and standing in the community.
He failed to look after his people and the province is now experiencing one of the worse declines in its political history.
Madang has lost its pride and joy.
As a young elite from Madang, I wonder why he is fighting over political spoils instead of looking into the issues affecting his people and province.
The province has been hit by deteriorating infrastructure, rampant criminal activities and other social issues.
Sir Arnold should be using skills and experience to negotiate funding both within the country and overseas to develop Madang.
That is where his focus should be.
Look at ENB. It has some of the most committed leaders in PNG.
ENB is now one of the nicest places in PNG to live and work in following the twin volcano eruptions in 1994.
Madang needs people like Sir Arnold but I am sad to say that he has lost touch with reality and with his own people.
Perhaps it would be better if he were to leave the province and let those who are in touch with the people on ground zero run the province.

Chaland KGN
Via email