Sir Bob declares state of emergency

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GOVERNOR-General Sir Bob Dadae yesterday declared state of emergency (SOE) throughout the country and called out the PNG Defence Force in response to the global pandemic coronavirus.
The state of emergency was for 14 days starting Monday to April 5. The call-out of the PNG Defence Force is to assist police in the security operations and SOE control measures for a period of 12 months from Dec 31, 2019 to Dec 31, 2020.
Areas of particular concern are the PNG LNG project sites and its footprints in affected provinces, law and order maintenance in Hela, Southern Highlands, Morobe, Central and National Capital District, Highlands Highway, border provinces of Western, West Sepik and the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.
Also to assist authorities undertake humanitarian related logistics in addressing the Covid-19. The SOE also declares measures to isolate the coronavirus from spreading and the country has been mapped into the following zones: mid PNG Zone which covers Morobe, Madang and entire Highlands; Central Papua Zone includes NCD, Central, Gulf, Milne Bay and Oro; Niugini Island Zone; Sepik Zone; Western Border Zone and Bougainville Zone.
Sir Bob urged the public to remain calm and adhere to instructions issued by the Government and health authorities.
He said the effects of the coronavirus pandemic was unlike any the world had seen before and the country was going through unprecedented times.
“My fellow Papua New Guineans, these are indeed unprecedented times we live in,” Sir Bob said. “The threat of the coronavirus is real.
“However, it is times like this that we as a country must come together in the spirit of unity and humanity to get us through.
“We have had our fair share of disease outbreaks and natural disasters over the years, these are experiences we can draw from as we face the coronavirus pandemic head on,” Sir Bob said.
“I once again urge each and every one of us to adhere to instructions from the Government and health authorities regarding proper hygiene and implement them accordingly.
“Our health and that of our loved ones and fellow citizens depends on each and every one of us doing the right thing.
“This is the time to demonstrate humanity and generosity by refraining from activities that may cause harm to others and ourselves.

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