Sir Bob: Work will commence on burial sites for former GGs

Sir Bob Dadae

WORK will soon commence on the building of proper memorial burial sites for the three former governor-generals (GGs).
Governor-General Sir Bob Dadae made the announcement during the annual dedication service held at Government House yesterday.
The governor-generals’ legacy is a project where the proper memorial sites for three former governor-generals – Sir Tore Lokoloko, Sir Serei Eri and Sir John Guise – will be constructed.
Sir Bob said contractors had visited the sites and would provide costing for design work for these burial sites to be properly constructed in honour of these past governor-generals.
Acting official secretary Bill Toraso told The National that during 2018 Independence celebration, the GG was invited to Kerema and discovered that the cemeteries of the two governor-generals – Sir Serei and Sir Tore – were not properly maintained.
“They did not look like cemeteries so he took upon himself to undertake the legacy project,” Toraso said.
“He started this governor-generals’ legacy programme which involves upgrading the cemeteries to acceptable standard reflecting the importance of the person who is buried there in this case the former GGs.
“Secondly, they plan to carry out projects such as the classrooms and water projects, to be co-funded by the provincial governments and the district development authorities.” He said last week, contractors travelled to Lalaura, in Abau, to the burial site of Sir John Guise and would be putting all the costs together for the project. He said as soon as the funding was released, these projects would begin.