Sir George murder suspect arrested

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ONE of the suspects involved in the murder of businessman Sir George Constantinou in December 2008 was caught by police yesterday.
During a routine patrol in the Tete settlement on the outskirts of Gerehu in the NCD, police nabbed Kevei Paul, 16, of Tapini in Goilala, Central province, who was taken by surprise.
Paul dropped to the ground when police fired a warning shot.
Paul has been on the run for over a year after his name had was released to police by prime suspect Joe Auki, who reportedly released all other names in connection with the killing of Sir George.
Auki, also from Tapini, was only recaptured by police last month after escaping from Bomana jail last year.
Gerehu police station commander Insp Steven Kapera said yesterday police were on their routine patrol and on the look-out for suspects in the area related to the murder when they spotted Paul.
Insp Kapera said that as a first time offender, they did not have a picture of Paul but had his name.
Paul was also on the NCD police homicide unit’s “hit list”.
Insp Kapera said eight suspects were involved in the murder of Sir George.
 So far, Paul is the fourth suspect to be arrested.