Sir J concerned over real LNG benefits

Islands, Normal

NEW Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan has warned that Papua New Guinea is  in danger of becoming a loser in the multi-billion kina LNG project.
The former prime minister raised this  last Thursday at the special breakfast of “old boys” from Ashgrove Marist Brothers College in Brisbane, at the Royal Papua Yacht Club in Port Moresby in honour of a former Australian rugby union great John Eales, a former Ashgrove student.
Sir Julius said of the LNG project that decisions had been made by a small group of self-interested people had minimal clue of the game they were playing.
“They have signed ‘sweetheart’ deals that make what would have already been a very profitable project even more profitable, obscenely profitable.”
Sir Julius said the worst of this was that results would be what the results had always been in PNG when major outside corporations come and deal with governments that did not know the meaning of teamwork.
“The ground will be milked dry, the rich will become richer but the poor will continue to suffer.
“Our government should put together a team consisting of the best and brightest international talent available, a team dedicated to hammering out the best, most beneficial deal for the people of PNG,” Sir Julius said.
“What is the cost of a few internationally recognised experts when put alongside the billions of kina that are to be made or lost under this project?”
He said “They think they are clever, they think they are powerful, but they are playing without a game plan against teams that have played internationals before, and are greatly overmatched.”