Sir J: Keep order along highway

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The National – Thursday, June 16, 2011

THE people of Lambuso village, on the Boluminski highway, New Ireland, are concerned about reports of people throwing stones at passing vehicles at night.
They are keen on working with police to round up people who may have been responsible for such acts to ensure the safety of the travelling public on their section of the highway.
This was made known during a meeting over the weekend between community leaders and the police highway patrol commander Elizah Taksir and his officers who reached a consensus to work together to root out lawless behaviour along the highway.
Governor Sir Julius Chan urged the people to uphold peace and good order along the highway and bring the perpetrators to justice.
He told the people the latest victim was the provincial executive chairman for health and church representative, Philomena Jonah.
She was flown to Port Moresby for surgery because of the serious injuries she sustained to her left arm struck by a rock thrown at a vehicle in which she was a passenger.
“It could have turned out fatal had the stone hit the driver.
“The vehicle could have overturned and the provincial executive team could have perished,” Sir Julius said.
Jonah and colleagues, deputy governor Florence Stocken and youth representative Englebert Lutham and staff were on an official engagement with Sir Julius at Kolonoboi and Labur and were returning to Kavieng when the incident happened.
Sir Julius believed it was a freak accident by unruly individuals who must answer for their behaviour.