Sir J: Sealing work underway

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The National, Thursday July 18th, 2013

 NEW Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan confirmed on Tuesday that sealing of the Bopire to Kanapit section of the Boluminski Highway had started.

In a statement, Sir Julius said sealing work had begun a week after he first announced the project. 

He said sealing was expected to continue completion within 10 months.

“With the completion of Namatanai to Punam section, work has now begun on sealing Bopire to Kanapit and we expect to continue until the Boluminski Highway is completed,” he said. 

He thanked the people of East Coast Barok, saying they had always been loyal and supportive with solid leaders.

“With the first 600 metres of road clearing finished, the Barok people will have a sealed road to Kanapit within 10 months,” he said. 

Liaison officer John Nombe said New Irelanders should appreciate the transition of the province.

“Over the next six months, this government is pushing to seal town roads and light up our towns,” he said.

“Anyone with eyes can see the difference; after 10 years of nothing, things are happening.”