Sir John dedicates shrine


ABOUT 3000 people gathered at the Don Bosco Technical College in Chimbu on Sunday and witnessed the blessing and dedication of its shrine.
The shrine was blessed and dedicated by Archbishop of Port Moresby Cardinal Sir John Ribat in the presence of politicians, priests, parishioners and Bosconians amongst others.
Anton Bal, Bishop of Kundiawa, welcomed the gathering and thanked the ones who have in different ways assisted in the building of the shrine.
“The institution caters to young people and serves a need.  Over the years, Don Bosco Simbu Technical College has given young people an education, with the right Catholic values and attitudes,” Bal said.
In his sermon, Cardinal Ribat reflected on Luke’s gospel passage.
“Zacchaeus”, he said, “climbed the tree in search of Jesus”.
He encouraged the young people to search for Jesus, and praise and thank God for his gifts.  This being the church’s “Year of Children”, he reminded the congregation to care, protect and catechise children.
He also invited the congregation and young people to respect women and address the issue of gender-based violence.
He also prayed that the youth and the Catholic faithful of the Diocese of Kundiawa, Chimbu, be guided by Don Bosco.
The liturgy in the newly dedicated shrine of Don Bosco was animated by the students of Don Bosco in their respective provincial and regional groups.
The Eucharistic celebration and the opening along with the blessing and dedication of the shrine ended with speeches.
The Don Bosco shrine is the biggest church building in Chimbu and in the Highlands region. It has been built with the tireless effort of an Indian architect and his core workers along with the Don Bosco community.