Sir Julius praised


REGARDING Sir Julius Chan’s proposed changes to the MRA Act and its benefits to Papua New Guineans, I would like to see every leader start thinking like him.
It is about time our good government considers such Acts across the board for all the developmental areas of our economic, political and social sectors.
I pledge myself as a future political and policy analyst and adviser to the government.
Such bold move by of our elites will help us meet our Vision 2050 targets.
The main objective now is for our leaders to come up with strategies and amendments to all our existing laws and then put together something that can help improve our developmental goals.
For too long we have been seeing a lack of wisdom from our government.
I thank Sir Julius once again for this patriotic stand.
God is watching.
Peace be with every heart, mind and soul.

Japhet Ansep
Politics and public policy,
UPNG, Waigani

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