Sir Julius proposes review of law on land ownership

Islands, Normal

The National, Tuesday, May 24, 2011

NEW Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan last Thursday explained to the Parliamentary Committee on Mining and Energy his comprehensive submission on minerals, oil and gas resources to support his motion before parliament to review laws and transfer ownership to the people.
He was asked to help the committee in its quest to fully absorb and understand the content and background of the issues surrounding mining legislation and structures amid growing interest and momentum generated by the discussions on Sir Julius’ submissions.
The briefing drew a mixed audience that included some parliamentarians, lawyers, resource owners and members of the public to review highlights of the submission by Sir Julius and which stimulated much discussion in the corridors of parliament.
Sir Julius offered the services of his New Ireland team to help the National Parliament Select Committee to work on the draft recommendations and legislative changes to mining laws.
“This is possibly the greatest endeavour in the history of Papua New Guinea … it will reshape and enhance the economic landscape of the country and that has captivated the interest of other provinces in the New Ireland initiative,” Sir Julius said.
“It will be the task of the political committee to come up with recommendations to change the mining laws and embrace the vision and recommendations captivated in the New Ireland submission to impact wholesale change and a new future roadmap in the mining industry and the economy into the future.”