Sir Kina appointed president of law society

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The National, Tuesday 20th November, 2012

SIR Kina Bona is the new president of the Papua New Guinea Law Society (PNGLS).
Sir Kina was appointed after a by-election following the resignation of Kerenga Kua and council member Davis Steven.
Both are now MPs and ministers of government.
Robert Mellor, the secretary for PNGLS, said Sir Kina’s career in the public service spanned the history of PNG since its independence 37 years ago.
Mellor said Sir Kina was one of the longtime public servants responsible for developing and strengthening the legal, political and constitutional systems that held the framework of service to the people.
“Sir Kina has, in the past 30 years, gained a broad and deep knowledge of the laws and constitution of Papua New Guinea, both in the Department of Justice and in the office of the public prosecutor where he served,” Mellor said.
“He also served in the Department of Foreign Affairs, private law practice and as the registrar of Political Parties and Candidates Commission more recently.”
Mellor said Sir Kina advised a wide range of government institutions in all areas of the law of PNG, especially the Criminal Code and the Leadership Code, the Financial Management Regulations and Controls, as well as the Constitution and the Organic Law.
“Throughout his career in the justice sector, Sir Kina has conducted training programmes with the Royal PNG Constabulary as well as the Legal Training Institute.”
Sir Kina is also said to have worked closely with the Ombudsman Commission in relation to successful prosecutions of Leadership Code matters as well as investigation of leaders.
The vacancy left by Steven has been filled by senior lawyer Vincent Mirupasi.
Mirupasi did contest the national election for the Southern Highlands regional seat but lost to Governor William Powi.

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