Sir Leo praises spirit of unity in Govt camp

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The National, Wednesday July 20th, 2016

DEPUTY Prime Minister and Inter-Government Relations Minister Sir Leo Dion has praised the spirit of unity and community cohesion that he says is evident among Government members in Alotau.
He said as well as discussions on policy advancement, members were engaged with local community activities.
“We have more than 80 MPs who are taking the opportunity this week to plan for the final year of this Parliament and stand strong in their support for Peter O’Neill as prime minister,” Sir Leo said.
“The Government team is united and we all look forward to demonstrating our numbers in the chamber on Friday.”
Sir Leo said time in camp proved a good opportunity to take stock of what was required to complete the commitments to the Alotau Accord.
“We set an ambitious programme when we met in Alotau four years ago and now we are getting close to concluding this agenda,” he said.
“There are still some policy items that will require a lot of attention before we reach the election, but we can achieve what we promised. We will deliver.”