Sir Matiabe applauds Grand Chief’s decision

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The National, Monday 30th July 2012

SIR Matiabe Yuwi has applauded the decision by senior political leaders such as Sir Michael Somare to support Peter O’Neill in forming the next government.
Sir Matiabe, a former Tari-Pori MP in the house of assembly, said the decisions by Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare, Sir Julius Chan and Paias Wingti deserve praise.
“These honorable leaders have put their political differences aside and have come together to support a young breed of leaders like Mr O’Neill to drive the country forward.
“And on behalf of the people of Tari-Pori, I salute them,” he said.
“I would also like to extend my appreciation to Hela Governor Anderson Agiru, Enga Governor Peter Ipatas and Kandep MP Don Pomb Polye for coming together to support their brother from the region.”
Sir Matiabe said it was history in the making in the political life of the nation when such distinguished political leaders with different political interests came together to support a grand coalition government.
“So much has happened in the recent past. Our Constitution was threatened and it’s about time leaders unite now to form the next government,” he said.
“With such coming together of experienced leaders to support and guide the young leaders, I know that the pride and dignity of the Constitution can be restored and people will have confidence in this coalition government.”