Sir Mekere claims 500 vehicles imported for Apec use

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MORESBY North-West MP and former prime minister Sir Mekere, pictured, has claimed that about 500 vehicles have been imported for Apec use.
In a statement yesterday, he said Apec Authority documents did not indicate:

  • Whether public competitive tenders were called for all those vehicles, as required by the Asia-Pacific Economic Conference Act;
  • Whether their procurement was scrutinised by the Apec probity auditor, as required by the act; or
  • Whether they are to be disposed of after Apec by competitive public tender as required by the act. Sir Mekere said the vehicles had been allocated to the prime minister, Apec minister and top Apec Authority officials, who already had vehicles allocated to them as part of their contracts.

He said the vehicle were Toyota Prados, Land Cruisers and Hiluxs, Hyundai Accents, Mahindras, Mazda BT50s along with the 40 Maseratis and three Bentleys.

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