Sir Mekere: Education has no end


Moresby Northwest MP Sir Mekere Morauta says there is no end  to education and learning.
“Whatever you do, you work hard and be successful, there is no end to learning, you have all the time, so put your heads down, roll your sleeves up and work hard,” he said at the grade 12 graduation of Gerehu Secondary School in Port Moresby last Friday.
The former prime minister told the 498 graduates that they were privileged to have reached that level of education.
“The educational pyramid in this country has a very broad base, many start school but the facilities as you climb up, get fewer and harder so very few people get up there.”
Sir Mekere reminded the students to be grateful to God, to themselves, their parents, their school and the people and government Papua New Guinea.
“You are there on the road to your very promising future, but also recognise that you are really at the beginning of a very long journey.
“As you go up and get bigger jobs, I want you to be generous, by the time you are earning income, your parents will be older than they are now, they will be weaker, retired.
“Whatever you have, share it with them, you will have your families but just a little bit will help them to pay for the sacrifices that they have made to get you here.
“Teachers are paid by Papua New Guinea, buildings built with Papua New Guinea money, so be grateful to your country Papua New Guinea.
“But how do you pay all that back? Study hard, get good qualifications, get good jobs, contribute to the development of Papua New Guinea, that is the reward Papua New Guinea needs. Be a good citizen,” Sir Mekere said.

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