Sir Mekere is a vindictive person

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday 01st December 2011

I COMMEND your editorial (Nov 29) calling on Arthur Somare and Sir Mekere Morauta to stop their feud for the sake of national interests.
It also cast doubt on their attempts to tell the truth.
Let me provide some of my observation.
Since Sir Mekere be­came Minister for Public Enterprises three months ago, his ministry has become the most popular in the government with a great number of NEC policy submissions and in the public domain, mainly through the print media.
All these are just a window dressing.
The real intentions in my view are:
l    Sir Mekere is on a personal crusade to ensure that all the footprints of Somare are erased, whe­ther they function or not;
l    Somare has achieved remarkable results for the state owned enterprises (SOE) in nine years which Sir Mekere could not match when he was in positions of influence and authority either as a top bureaucrat or a politician.
Sir Mekere is turning truths into lies and lies into truths – a behaviour that contrasts his nationally upheld image.
The fact is that all the SOEs have been transformed from the brink of insolvency or bankruptcy in mid-2002 to that of healthy balance sheets with Air Niugini Ltd becoming the first SOE to surpass the K1 billion-mark in this fiscal year.
The IPBC-managed ge­neral public business trust increased in value from more than K1 billion in 2002 to more than K6 billion this year which Sir Mekere has deliberately left out in all his public statements.
These outstanding performances of the SOEs were showcased at the SOE Consultation Forum on Implementing National Plans and Vision 2050 on June 29, at Crowne Plaza.
The then chief secretary, Margaret Elias, and members of the central agencies coordinating committee (secretaries) commended the performances of the SOEs and recommended the public sector to learn from the SOE experiences.
Statement such as “all (state-owned enterprises) are grossly under-capitalised”, “some are bumbling along”, “others are dead but refusing to fall down” (The National, Aug 25, 2011) should not be made by people of Sir Mekere’s calibre not only because it is a lie but, more importantly, is the fact behind these SOEs are hard working Papua New Guinean men and women who had sacrificed so much effort and time to make these SOEs to be­come what they are now.
To say all of the above is a slap in their faces.
On a personal note, all these years I have looked up to Sir Mekere as role model for honesty, truth, high integrity but thank you, Sir Mekere, for rescuing me from my insanity.

Port Moresby