Sir Mekere loved people, country


SIR Mekere Morauta was a man of integrity, honesty, dignity, humanity, who had a passion for justice for his people and nation.
My husband Bill and I were fortunate to be among his many friends.
We holidayed with Sir Mekere and Roslyn both in Australia and PNG.
We sailed together, sat at the back of the boat eating fish that Sir Mek had cooked for us, watching glorious sunsets.
Sir Mekere was the first graduate in economics out of the University of PNG, first local secretary of Finance, managing director of PNG Banking Corporation, company director, successful businessman, governor of the Bank of PNG,MP and prime minister.
He was a proud Papua New Guinean, reformer, visionary, one of the cohorts of brilliance who armed themselves as senior civil servants helping to steer the nation after independence in 1975.
When we accompanied Sir Mekere to the market in Port Moresby, people recognised him and walked up to shake his hands.
He was a man who was respected throughout PNG.
Sir Mekere was gracious, unhurrying, patient to each person, generous with handshakes and words for all.
We walked behind him and I knew I was in the presence of human greatness.
We thank God for the gift of life, especially the life of Sir Mekere by grace, humility and in faith that at the hour of our death, we too might be brought to eternal life.

Reverend Elaine Farmer,
Wife of former Australian High
Commissioner Bill Farmer