Sir Mekere must deliver services

Letters, Normal

I WOULD like to express my disgust with the manner the Moresby Northwest electoral office is being run.
It seems the same group of individuals administering the Opposition leader’s office is also trying to have a say at how electoral funds are administered. 
And the end result is many people have distanced themselves from the office and MP.
I recall a certain young man who treated everyone with respect and was never afraid to go down to the people’s level and spend time to listen and assist people even to the extent of walking home in the early hours of the morning. 
He was responsible for keeping Sir Mekere Morauta’s name in the people’s mind after the 2002 elections.
The people of Moresby Northwest need  young and strategic thinkers who know the electorates well, not the current group of people who are well dressed but are mentally and politically illiterate.
Wake up, Sir Mekere.
Your people need your presence.
You have not initiated any major projects and the old projects are still not completed. 
Even your supporters at Ensisi Valley are fed up with you.
They are unhappy the road has not been maintained and are asking where the market and community centre Sir Mekere promised more than 10 years ago.
The electorate wants to see the MP initiating large scale projects. 
Given the amount of funds that are available to the Member, he needs to satisfy the people on the ground. 
I suggest Sir Mekere sacks his current staff and replace them with capable people.
Remember, that office does not belong to you or your staff.  You are there because of us, your people.


Potential member
Port Moresby