Sir Mekere’s help sought


WHILE I applaud Sir Mekere Morauta for his tireless effort in putting the government on check and balance, he should not forget the people who mandated him to represent them in parliament.
Two years have gone by and Moresby North-West has seen nothing yet.
I admire the work being done in Moresby North-East and Moresby South, with people in those two electorates enjoying the basic services provided to them.
Sir Mekere, if you can’t fix your own electorate, how can you fix the nation?
The people you are fighting for at the national level are the same people suffering in your own electorate.
One simple request, my good MP: We have a water problem in the furthest section of Hohola 5.
If we expect our children to grow up with a respect for the rule of law, then we need to teach them about making moral choices and having a value system as a basis for their decision-making.
Part of this requires a change in the mindset that is prevalent in society, one that says, “if it is legal and if you can get away with it, then it is acceptable”.
To make this change requires us to make time in our curriculum, through assemblies and other school activities, in order to teach our children to consider issues and behaviour by a moral yardstick rather than more usual measures of success.
For without proper ethical considerations, we are in danger of society becoming increasingly fragmented and unstable as self-interest overshadows the public good.

David Lepi Ialibu, SHP

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