Sir Michael’s outside so forget vote, says Enga governor

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The National – Thursday, December 30, 2010

 ENGA Governor Peter Ipatas has called on members of parliament to give acting Prime Minister Sam Abal the chance to rule in the next 18 months.

He said since Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare had stepped aside, Abal had taken charge of the country and there was no need for a vote of no-confidence.

“We, as members of parliament, must show some decency for the old man. Let him come back on the playing field for you to throw him out.”

Ipatas said in any game, an injured player cannot be forced back onto the field to take part in the game.

“In our PNG custom, we do not kick a sick person in his sick bed. 

“We do not move a vote of no-confidence on the floor of parliament without Sir Michael to defend himself. Let him defend himself in the courts,” Ipatas said.

“Give the old man due respect. We can fight and kill each other but, when someone dies, there will be no more singing.”

He also appealed to MPs on both sides of parliament to give the acting prime minister a chance to rule.

Ipatas said Abal was a capable leader who had come up the ranks as a public servant, diplomat and state minister.

“He is a suitable and energetic young leader who can do the job.”