Sir Michael deserves our respect

Letters, Normal

The National

PRIME Minister Sir Michael Somare is the founding father of this nation and he deserves due respect from the people.
We have good leaders, but more often than not, they are let down by corrupt officials surrounding them.
Am I wrong to say that we, too, are just as guilty?
We have to blame ourselves because, as we all know, we do not take ownership of infrastructure, public amenities and facilities.
We misuse, abuse and vandalise these public properties.
We have an attitude problem and we need to change it if we want to see progress and changes.
It is time we grow up.
As John F. Kennedy once said: “Asked not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country.”
We do not have to behave like a puppet and let other people influence us.
We have to make moral judgment and stop accusing the PM.
Sir Michael has saved the indigenous race of this land for if we had waited longer for independence, we could have ended up like the Aborigines in Australia or the Maoris in New Zealand.
Sir Michael has given his best to serve this nation in good and bad times.
He is one man who can hold this nation together.
Who puts human rights first?
Who was the PM when UPNG students were shot dead during a protest against land reform?
Who was PM during the Sandline crisis?


Steve Gallagher