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PAPUA New Guinea’s first prime minister Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare is happy with the way the country has progressed in the 45 years since Independence.
He said it was progressing just the way he had dreamt when he was advocating for Independence.
“We’ve seen what has happened to the country after 45 years,” Sir Michael said.
“When I advocate for PNG to be independent, many people said, ‘what will you do when you get independence’”?
“Will you build planes, you’ll fly them? You’ll drive vehicles? I told them Anutu (God) is there, he will guide us and show us the way.
“We will celebrate 45 years of Independence.
“Back then, foreigners thought we will never run the affairs of our country.
“PNG people will never be innovative or do anything good.
“But today, we have Papua New Guineans as pilots, drivers, engineers and many others.
“Because the dream I had for this country, I thought everyone in PNG will be educated and will run our own country. I had these thoughts 45 years ago when I was a young man.”
The grand chief said Morobe gave him 100 per cent support during the first elections he held.
“I grew up and attended school in Finschhafen and maybe that was the reason they supported me,” he jokingly said.
“Because they knew what I will do, what will happen next and what PNG will achieve.
“Today, Papua New Guinea is a proud country,” said Sir Michael.


  • I Salute you Sir Micheal Somare’ for you being generous and being confident in independence for Papua New Guinea.

  • Corruption rampant, murder an every day occurrence, the majority of people living in dire poverty, essential services rendered inoperative due to lack of funding, people so deprived of education they still believe in sorcery, police and army drunken rabbles and domestic violence becoming the national sport. And yet The Grand Thief, who was the architect of our great march backwards since independence, is happy with “progress”. Maybe when he went to Singapore to get medical treatment, because there was nothing in PNG capable of helping him, Somare should have enquired about the possibility of a brain transplant too.

  • Credit is due to individuals who have done something good for this country. The good that someone did much always be recognize. Mistakes and bad decisions are stepping stones for success if learned from and avoid repeating in the future. Criticisms are good for a leader, if given constructively.

    Sir Michael, you and those who have led the country this far deserve a thanks from the people of this country. May the good Lord bless you according to His will for the good you have done for this country.

  • long live Grand Chief Sir Michael…you have done well, you done service for PNG, your legacy will live for generations to come in PNG, my salutation great man.

  • Salute you Grand Chief… Your story will be here in the years to come. We should observe a public holiday on your birthday like we use use to observe for queens birthday…. great leader for the nation… live long… God be continue to with you in the years to come…

  • Grand Chief you did well to snub those foreigners who did not think we will develope. Look at PNG now and if those idiots should return to see how we are compared to how it was back in 1975, they will have sleepless nights.
    Developement is traded with scarifice, a counry must scrifice in order to develope. There is no perfect world.

  • Though he (the Grand Chief) has the great dream and aspiration for this country to be fully developed and run the way he wished however , it is sad to say that the young leaders of today has missed the plot. Therefore the Chief deserved to be acknowledged for his part in the early formation of PNG as a state and furthermore, growing PNG to where it was before he left.

    To say this is not to say that he was not without fault in his leadership as the Prime Minister for this country but I would have to admit that he does have. But I would like to admit here that before he left as Pm, he left enough on the table with the wish and desire that young leaders of today would continue from where he left and bring the country to the next highest level where people of this country country should enjoy, however the opposite has happen and now we are feeling the pinch of the dirty dealings of the so called the young greedy politicians.

    I hope with this Independent celebration they should have a flash back on what they did to this nation and re direct their focus and attention towards building better PNG. I had that Governor Sir J is hosting a party for Grand Chief as well as many former Prime Ministers in Kavieng including the current Politicians. I wish during there stay in kavieng for Independent Celebration, they should have time to consult this former Prime Minsters including Sir J for their formular of success for PNG during their term as Prime Ministers that they could use again to build better PNG.

    Before I finish, I would like to encourage the young leaders of today that in any decision they wish to contribute to the nation building, it is always my desire that they must consult these Former Prime Ministers with Sir J for decision making and never leave them out. In doing so they will guide you (young leaders) with the wealth of knowledge and wisdom they for you to redirect the course of the country before it is too late.

    With the current Prime Minister, I would like to thankyou for your bold decision in reviewing the mining act which I would say you have really empower the nation and the people of PNG. IT is true you took over the as Prime Minister when economy was already bad and didn’t make any big impact in development, but I would like to take my hat off for your bold decision. Though we can’t see the result of it today but in the along run the nation will feel the impact of the decision you make today to take PNG back

  • Chief I applauded you for starting well; BUT- Maski yu savi!
    Time now to sit on your verandah and consider where you let down the ordinary PNG people. Should have chosen better friends.
    Hope your Anutu is just

  • You cant teach an old dogs new tricks can you!. The manis really enjoying his live out of politics. Only God knows.

  • Well done Chief. You did what you can for the country.
    Only God knows what, and how much you did, and only He alone will measure that, and reward you accordingly.
    Truly you were the super glue that held this country together.

    Since your departure, cracks are already appearing and National unity is at stake, starting with Bougainville.
    Let’s hope the current crop of young leaders will humble yourselves and put the collective interests of PNG ahead of your own.

    God Bless and Long Live Chief!

  • Long live the grand chief sir Michael Thomas Somare ,your legacy will remain and will be foretold by grand children to come, your name will be regarded as controversial leader of all times.Your heart is like a lion that you has for that country,you mold and serve that nations very well.

    Your kindness to that nations will be highly blessed and rewarded by our lovely GOD.


    Paul Kaman

  • PNG Today 16th September,2020, 45 years since 1975 was previledged there wasn’t any blood shed when our founding fathers got the blessings from Canberra. I personally firstly salute our Constitution which stood the test of time since gaining independence. I must say like other fellow Papua New Guinea’s I say that it’s unfortunate we are well below our world rating for poorest countries our poverty alleviation ratio is 90%. Socio economical indicates we are not independent we still 90% of the deep waters of interdependence on aid, loan borrowing from IMF and other credit financing entity’s. The Marape Steven Government is the only government that is credible with puting our christian principal & values first asking forgiveness of our nation’s short comings moving forward to fighting corruption and we are United efforts to alleviating poverty. May the grace of Yahweh Anutu, thee Almighty God speak to this nation to keep this Government after 2022 election only then I am convinced this country will reach the pinnacles of a well develop richest black christian nation on the plant earth. Jiah Anutu bess

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