Sir Michael set many good examples

Letters, Normal

The National – Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I would like to thank Sir Michael Somare for leading this country from its infancy to where it is now today.
There were ups and downs in his political ca­reer but overall he was a leader for Papua New Guineans.
He has been to some of the most remote villages in PNG.
His name is synonymous with independence, freedom and confidence.
He was in his twenties when he decided to take up the political journey and stand up against the colonial rule.
We now have thousands of Papua New Guineans with degrees, masters, PhDs, pilots, doctors, etc, in various fields but we tend to complain a lot.
The Grand Chief worked with just a handful of semi-educated Papua New Guineans.
He has set an unprecedented example of being husband to one woman and they were dedicated to each other.
Nowadays, we see big men with more than one wife and indulging themselves in drinking, partying, etc.
Sir Michael is a true fa­mily man.
Thank you, people of Angoram and Somare family, for sharing your father for more than 40 years with the rest of the country.