Sir Michael should stay in the opposition

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday 03rd August 2012

PNG has witnessed many dramas in the general election.
The ninth parliament will take office for the next five years and we can anticipate a lot of chaotic decision-making and political manoeuvring which will be to the detriment of the people.
Of late, we have seen parties “reconciliating” with the aim of providing better leadership for the next five years.
Interestingly, almost all members-elect of parliament suggested that they do not want their electorate to miss out on development, thus their reason for joining the bloc that they believe will form the government.
Who can believe the monstrous fables that have and are still being spitted out from their fiery tongues?
The destructive drivers of pride, ambition and greed are widespread among these members.
It is no secret that their main purpose in seeking a seat in parliament is to gain power and to amass wealth for themselves.
Sir Michael Somare, notably, has staged a stunt that is not a hallmark of a chief.
The people of East Sepik, who are renowned for their pride and self-esteem, have now been derided and debased by his undesirable decision.
They have unanimously re-elected him to restore his pride and the chiefly image he has always held high in his 40 years of politics.
Additionally, on his part, he condemned the actions of those who “hijacked’ power.
He openly criticised them and swore to bring them to justice.
Sir Michael does not have a choice if he wishes to restore his image and integrity and that is to be the governor of his province and be in the opposition on the federal
If Sir Michael insists on stepping  down, then the people of East Sepik should demand that he resign im­mediately.
In the same vein, if all members-elect do not want to “miss out” and Belden Namah with his party members succumb to joining O’Neill, there would be no opposition  in parliament as was the case in the pre­vious term.

Port Moresby