Sir Michael’s passing a great loss for country


THE death of Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare is a national loss for the country and its people.
One behalf of the Assemblies of God (AoG) church in the Highlands, I pass my condolences to Lady Veronica and the family on the passing of Sir Michael. Leadership is all about people and Papua New Guinea has lost one of the very unique people who have created history to fight for his people’s freedom.
We need to think of the hardships and challenges he faced when proposing independence for PNG.
During that time, the white man could have undermined us thinking that PNG cannot make it but Sir Michael proved them wrong and gained independence for his people and the country without bloodshed.
Sir Michael’s footsteps and legacy needs to be adapted because with such leadership and wisdom, the affairs of the country can be well managed.
I take this time to salute you Sir Michael because you have made us proud and fought hard for PNG to stand as an independent nation.
The AoG church stands together with the nation to mourn his death and our prayers will continue to remain with the families.

Ps Peter Ropra,
Highlands AoG church Supt

One thought on “Sir Michael’s passing a great loss for country

  • It is an extremely sad day for PNG but not a loss. He did very well. He built the country up from stone age and retired at his own choosing. He completed his mission.
    His creator has called him home.
    Humans never live for eternity in the physical form.

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