Sir Paulias challenges leaders to fix city roads

Lae News, Normal


Governor-General Sir Paulias Matane yesterday called on Morobe leaders to unite and fix the Lae roads.
Sir Paulias called on the Morobe Members of Parliament, provincial and community leaders, churches, business houses and the general public to restore the “beautiful city” that Lae was once known.
“Lae was once a beautiful town with flowers, shady trees, garden roses and beauty.
“Today as I drove into Lae from Nadzab, I could not help but feel very sad for the state of the roads here.
“I don’t like it. It is very bad. I can say again that it is very bad,” Sir Paulias said.
“How can we run down this town like this?
“Why did we let it run down so badly like this,” Sir Paulias lamented, looking visibly upset.
“I want all elected leaders of Morobe to work together as a team and work on a plan to develop their province and city. Start with the Lae city roads,” he said.
Sir Paulias expressed dissatisfaction at the deteriorating state of the Lae roads, saying it was unacceptable for Papua New Guinea’s second city and the hub of it’s industrial development looking like a rundown country town.
“I call on all elected leaders, provincial and community leaders, church leaders and the business community to unite in restoring the state of Lae roads and bring back its beauty,” he said.
“We should be proud of Lae.
“Once we restore its pride then tourists and visitors will come and visit us here.
“If we restore the roads, then more investors will come here.
“The rural people will bring more produce to the markets if the roads are fixed,” Sir Paulias said.
“We cannot talk about economic development and the growth of businesses in Lae unless we fix the roads.”