Sir Paulias hopes for a better future

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GOVERNOR-General Sir Paulias Matane wants every Papua New Guinean to reflect on this year’s deeds and change their attitude for a better future.
Sir Paulias said Christmas would be an opportunity for everyone to spend time with family, individuals and reflect on their past lives and look forward to a new beginning with a positive attitude next year.
He said that from previous experiences, there had been a trend that people had misinterpreted festive season as a time for binge drinking, partying and other immoral social activities.
“This coming festive period is a time for reconciliation with family members, friends, relatives and make a complete transformation of personal attitudes towards life.”
He reiterated that PNG was a Christian country but that had never been reflected by the deeds of its citizens.
“Despite the good work of our churches, we still have many problems in the country caused by so-called Christians from this Christian nation.
“Why? May I succinctly point out that these problems have one common denominator: the negative attitudes of an individuals,” he said.
Many of the socio-economic-related problems such as HIV/AIDS, violence against women and children, rape, robbery and others were caused by people with an attitude problem who could not reason out things, Sir Paulias said.
“If there is a genuine repentance right from the heart with the acceptance of the Word of God, an individual can be a completely changed person,” he said.