Sir Paulias no longer eligible to be GG

Letters, Normal

I REFER to your report about the candidacy and availability of Sir Paulias Matane to stand for re-election as governor-general.
In my opinion, the media, public and the lawyers for the government and Sir Paulias have missed four simple points.
1. Sir Paulias has been governor-general twice and, therefore, he is not eligible to stand for a third time.
Whether he has been governor-general for one day, two days or a full term, this time around, the counters have been reset to zero and he cannot go for another term.
2. Since the courts have nullified his position as governor-general, and knowing very well that his re-election was not proper, he did not voluntarily stand down.
It follows, therefore, that he must be referred for investigation by the Ombudsman Commission. This is to ascertain whether there was any corruption involved in his re-election.
3. If he is referred to the Ombudsman Commission, this also makes him ineligible to stand.
4. The high standards of public morality that is beyond us, mere mortals, have been well served by a few outstanding men of principles, men of the barefoot brigade beating the dusty footpaths on weekdays and smashing the pulpits on Sundays.
These people served in our villages and churches all over this country, outside of public office, such as the late Pr Joseph Kingal, Peter Aitsi and Richard Kassman.
Sir Paulias was among this group of people, outside of public office.


Gideon Kakabin.
Nanga-nanga village, Kokopo