Sir Peter proposes HIV/AIDS debate

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NATIONAL AIDS Council chairman Sir Peter Barter has proposed that a national debate by youth, on HIV/AIDS services and response be held in the coming months.
Sir Peter said the purpose of the debate is to actively involve youths, universities and other tertiary institutions in researching, analysing, considering and forming considered opinions on Papua New Guinea’s responses to the HIV epidemic.
Sir Peter said the debate would be open to major tertiary institutions and their affiliated campuses with each major institution invited to enter two teams in the debate.
The PNG national HIV youth debate (PNGNHYD) would have teams selected from a series of pre-debates, held within each campus on a range of set statements.
The top 12 teams from the pre-debates would be invited to compete in the PNGNHYD.
Sir Peter said the PNGNHYD would be made up of four rounds.
The topics debated would be provocative and designed to ensure a range of HIV-related issues were debated.
Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare will open the PNGNHYD.
Sir Peter said the debate would take place in April in Madang at Divine Word University and would be widely broadcasted using both television and radio.
He said the debate will comprise of two elimination rounds followed by a round robin to determine third place and a final debate to determine second and first place.
Members of the winning team will become the Prime Minister’s HIV ambassadors for a period of 12 months and be offered a Lahara cadetship with the office of the director at NACS.
As the Prime Minister’s HIV ambassadors, the members of the winning team would provide mentor teams entering next year’s PNGNHYD and be invited to participate in various national HIV forums.