Sir Peter tells Hela tribes to stop fighting

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ENGA Governor Sir Peter Ipatas has called on the people of Hela to stop tribal fights and support development.
Sir Peter, a traditional leader of the Hela-Opene, one of the three traditional Hela brothers, visited Tari to relay this message to the people.
He is the surviving MP and chief of Hela-Opene after the death of former Hela and Southern Highlands Governor Anderson Agiru.
“I have come here personally to tell you to stop tribal fights,” Sir Peter told the people.
He told those who witnessed the launching of the airport and electrification projects in Tari and Wabia in the Hulia local level government in Komo-Magarima that oil, gas and gold in Porgera and Mt Kare would run out one day.
He said the resources were God’s blessing to the people of Hela but were not benefiting the people because of the tribal fights.
He said the resources were benefitting other provinces.
He told them to lay down their weapons and take up their spades and forks to till the land.
He said the leaders of Hela were now united on a common purpose of serving the people.
Governor Philip Undialu and Koroba–Kopiago MP Petrus Thomas also urged the people to give up tribal fighting as they were moving the province forward using revenues from their resources.