Sir Puka: Relocate 6-Mile settlement

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The National,Tuesday17 January 2012

ABAU MP Sir Puka Temu has called for the relocation of the 6-Mile settlement in the National Capital District following an attack on a family last weekend.
Football administrator Ripa Kalamo was injured when the vehicle he was travelling in with his family was attacked by criminals near the settlement.
Sir Puka, the Minister for Agriculture and Livestock, said the settlement was getting out of control and urged NCD Governor Powes Parkop and Moresby Northeast MP Andrew Mald to look into the situation.
“Something has to be done about the place. We cannot just sweep it under our feet,” he said.
“6-Mile is the entry point for hundreds of commuters from Hiri, Rigo and Abau areas who commute daily to the city for work and business.
“For this reason, city authorities must make every effort to ensure the travelling public is protected from unwarranted attacks and abuse by criminals.”
Sir Puka said the city authorities should conduct awareness programmes in the settlement to make people understand that attacking innocent motorists on the road was illegal.
Alternatively, Sir Puka said the NCDC should relocate the settlement.
“The long-term solution would be to close down the rubbish dump, relocate the settlement and open up the area for commercial development.
“It would be far better to see evidence of commerce and business entering Port Moresby rather than the confronting scenes of settlements and rubbish dumps,” he said.