Sir Puka urged to return to govt

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The National- Tuesday, January 11, 2011


THE Southern region National Alliance branch have offered an olive branch to Sir Puka Temu to return to government. 

NA Southern deputy leader and Rigo MP Ano Pala called on Sir Temu to put the nation’s interest ahead of self-interest to work with acting Prime Minister Sam Abal.

The Southern MP’s turned out in force at a meeting at Airways Hotel at lunch yesterday to consolidate their numbers and urged Sir Puka to return to government.

Those that attended included Pala, Alotau MP Charles Abel, Milne Bay Governor John Luke Critin, Central Governor Alphonse Moroi, Kairuku-Hiri MP Paru 

Aihi, Goilala MP Mathew Poia, Samarai-Murua MP Gordon Wesley, Kerema MP Pitom Bombom, South-Fly MP Sali Subam and Ijivitari MP David Arore.

Pala, who is also Agriculture and Livestock Minister, claimed Sir Puka was used by self-interested people to join the opposition last September to move a vote of no confidence against the government.

He said these people were again using Sir Puka to move a vote of no-confidence in the current Parliament sitting.

In making the call, Pala urged Sir Puka not to be part of the proposed vote of no-confidence because it was not warranted at this point in time.

Pala said the NA Southern region was united and totally committed to Sir Michael Somare’s government, and, therefore, fully supported and would work closely with the acting prime minister in providing political stability and public confidence in the leadership of government.

“As leader of the NA Southern region, I want the people of Papua New Guinea, especially the Papuan people, to know that my team is united and committed to the government and will not be misled or divided by self-interested people,” Pala said.

He appealed to Sir Puka to withdraw his name as the oppositions candidate as the alternate prime minister in the proposed vote and of no confidence.

He said the NA Southern region would not support Sir Puka on the floor of parliament if the motion was allowed by the acting Speaker.

Pala said the Somare government had greatly supported Abau district and the Abau people over the last eight years and he called on the Abau people to pressure their leader Sir Puka to re-join the government and support Abal.