Sir Puka urges better delivering of social services

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The National, Tuesday 28th May 2013

 PUBLIC Service Minister Sir Puka Temu says the political will has taken its position and services will be delivered at the district level. 

He made this remarks yesterday at the opening of a two-day workshop for central agencies, provincial and district administrators in Southern region, Manus and West Sepik. 

“In this year of implementation I’d like the bureaucratic leadership to listen to the political leadership. Let us work together to deliver services to our people,” Sir Puka said.

“My dream is to create the best citizens in the public service, there was lack of political will and resources in the past years but now changes have been made at the political level and the focus is now on the districts. 

“On the legislative level, I have been requested to amend and secure tenureship of departmental heads. 

“Provincial administrators will be appointed by the Cabinet after provincial executive council has shortlisted applicants.   

“Also the district authority bill will give power to the district administrators to handle disciplinary and personal matters.   

Central provincial administrator Gei Raga supported the minister, saying that Waigani needed to be connected to the provinces because the Alotau Accord had directed all resources and funding to the districts. 

“Let us work together to make a difference,” he said.

Manus and West Sepik joined Southern because they did not take part in their regional workshops which were held earlier this year.