Sir Puka wants health centres to work together


All provincial, district and rural health centres must work together, says Health and HIV/AIDS Minister Sir Puka Temu.
Sir Puka made this statement last week when questioned about the status of the Southern Highlands health authority.
He said his directions were for all provincial and rural health centres to work together and that included those in Southern Highlands.
“The case of the Southern Highlands health authority board is still in court,” Sir Puka said.
“However, I am advising everyone to work together as we will be merging all the hospitals and rural health centres.
“So in the future, there will be no PHA board for hospitals.
“This applies to all provinces.”
Sir Puka said provinces will have health authorities that will look after provincial health authorities and rural health centres and district hospitals.
“Provincial health function grants and hospital funding will all be merged into one under the provincial health authorities that the government is planning on extending throughout the country.”
Sir Puka said this was done as part of the government’s commitment to the health sector.