Sirinumu land issue


I WAS disturbed to read the comments by Commerce and Industry Minister Wera Mori in an October news report that some Incorporated Land Groups (ILGs) are not recognised.
Sir, you may be correct to say that, however, I as an educated person from Sirinumu, disagree with your statement.
The Sirinumu Dam land is owned by the people of Sirinumu which comprises different claims or tribes.
We know our land boundaries as well as our traditional norms which we show great respect to.
How can you make this statement when my people have been suffering since the establishment of Sirinumu Dam?
What is the point of the government creating this asset on our land when you have not met the needs of my local people?
The people of Sirinumu Dam deserve to be served equally by the government of the day, regardless of your statement.
It is sad to see resource owners’ being denied what rightfully belongs to them.
The Local Level Government is an idea adapted by a monarchical system to control resources under one common authority, turning us into slaves on our own land.

Ni Nene Vata – Ni gabune
Sirinumu Dam Natuna

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