Sirunki farm to resume exporting strawberries


THE Sirunki farm in Enga will resume exporting strawberries to Singapore once the Covid-19 restrictions are removed, according to operator Innovative Agro Industry (IAI) Ltd.
Chairman Ilan Weiss said they started exporting strawberries to a distributor in Singapore last year.
“The exports were very successful with good feedback from the distributor and end-clients,” he said.
“However, in late 2019, the demand for Sirunki strawberries in the PNG market was greater than the supply.
“We (then) decided that at first, our role is to provide for the domestic market and, thereafter, to increase production for export.
“We will return to exports once the lockdowns are removed.”
Weiss said the farm had been expanding its strawberries produce to meet the increasing demand. He said strawberries, potatoes, onions and carrots were sold at major outlets and supermarkets in Port Moresby such as Stop & Shop, Waterfront, RH Vision City and Gordon, SVS, Mosin Plaza, Boroko Foodworld, 9-Mile Plaza, hotels and catering companies.
The farm has a potato-growing programme both in-house and through the engagement of hundreds of out-growers.
The farm supplies urban markets with fresh produce and the Kuk Frozen Chips plant in Southern Highlands.


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