Sisters ‘row’ over funeral cost

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A WOMAN, who allegedly tried to kill her sister for not helping her during their father’s funeral last year, appeared in the Lae committal court charged with attempted murder.
Linda Mathias, 38, from Katanga village in Menyamya district, Morobe appeared before Magistrate Pious Tapil on Wednesday from custody in Buimo prison.
Police reports indicated that on Aug 2 last year at around 6am, the accused carried a bush knife and headed for her sister Bethos Mathias’ house.
Bethos was cooking in the kitchen at Katanga village.
The accused approached the victim with the knife and chopped her left hand. The victim was shock and grabbed the accused and they wrestled out of the kitchen.
It was alleged that the victim’s bone and veins were cut as a result of the attack and she was bleeding heavily.
Police alleged that Linda managed to free herself from the wrestling and again slashed Bethos on the left leg.
The cut was deep so the victim fell unconscious.
Another attempt by the accused aimed at the victim’s neck was stopped by her husband.
The husband then helped Bethos to the Menyamya Health Centre for medical attention where she was admitted for 12 days.
After the victim had recovered and was discharged from the hospital, she laid a complaint at the provincial police headquarters in Lae.
Linda was brought in by Menyamya police for questioning.
In her response, she said that she committed the offence because she was angry with the victim and her husband for not assisting her during the time of their father’s death and funeral.

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