Sitting MPs trailing in counts

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The National, Thursday July 26th, 2012

SEVEN of eight Eastern Highlands MPs seeking to retain their seats are trailing after primary counts in their respective electorates.
Patrick Kondo is 15th in Daulo, Yawa Silupa seventh in Lufa, Bonny Oveyara third in Okapa, Ferao Lotz Orimya second in Henganofi, Sai Sailon Beseo third in Kainantu, Thompson Harokaqveh fifth in Goroka and John Boito second in Obura Wonenara.
The only electorate to show primary vote support for the incumbent is Unggai-Bena Electorate where PNC’s Benny Tipoti Allan leads with 11,292 votes followed by PNG Party candidate Apaso Winch Oibotee with 4,983. Third was independent Tella Bundiloe Loie with 2,551.
Daulo electorate, after elimination 28, saw independent candidate Ron G Ganarafo take the lead with 3,710 votes followed by People’s Party man Ekime Mek Gorosahu with 3,187 and independent Pogio Ghate on 2,366 votes.
PNG Country Party Candidate Jeffrey Kuave leads the Lufa open electorate count after exclusion 19 with 3,807 votes. PNC Party’s Eddie Mike is second with 3,292 and PNG Party candidate, Moriape Kavori Wereda, third on 2,757.
Silupa garnered 1,978 votes.
After quality checks for the final 114 ballot boxes from Okapa electorate, PNC Party’s Issac Waigavara leads with 6,419 votes ahead of T.H.E. Party candidate Saki Hacky Soloma on 3,529, then Oveyara on 3,508 votes.
In Henganofi electorate after elimination nine, independent, Robert Atiyafa leads with 4,577, followed by Orimya on 4,124 and independent, Terry Kajona Okeva, 4,050.
After quality checks for Kainantu Open, independent candidate Johnson Tuke, leads with 3,849 votes, followed by PNC Party man Ovo Buni Kako with 3,542 and THE Party candidate Beseo on 3,288.
In Obura Wonenara, Star Alliance Party man Mehrra Minne Kipefa leads with 14,778 votes followed by Boito on 12,087. People’s Freedom Party candidate, Jack Woweaka was a distant third on 4,254.
Goroka open electorate, after the final quality check, saw former MP Bire Kimisopa ahead with 5,260 votes, PNG Party man Tom Nunue, next on 5,151 and independent candidate Moses Mose Venapo third on 4,657. Harokaqveh had 4,560 votes.