Situm road in sorry state, Bonga

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The National , Monday, May 30, 2011

THIS is an open letter to the member for Nawaeb Ti­mothy Bonga and his officers based at Malahang.
I sent a letter to the editor on the state of the Situm-Bukaua road in The Na­tional a few months ago and I am disappointed nothing has been done.
Neither was there a response from the MP.
The people living in this part of Nawaeb are seeing the road turning into a pig’s track.
I call on the MP and his officers to do something before the road is reclaimed by the jungle.
This stretch of road must be done up properly by a reputable contractor, not by a wantok contractor, as it is a lifeline for the people.


Joseph I Musiap
Block No58 Situm