Six arrested for stealing World War II firearms

Lae News, Normal

The National- Thursday, January 20, 2011


SIX men have been arrested by Morobe police at Salamaua for stealing World War II firearms and ammunitions.

The six were taken into Lae yesterday but have yet to be charged. 

A seventh men, said to be armed, is still at large.

The six were arrested for breaking and entering and digging up the WWII firearms and ammunitions buried near the Salamaua health centre at Kera village.

The theft happened during the festive period when the aid post orderly had gone on leave.

Police said yesterday that the men had dug up an area within the residence of the aid post orderly to get the firearms and ammunition and threaten health workers. 

Two of the men were captured during the early hours of Tuesday night while another four voluntarily surrendered to the police early yesterday morning. 

According to police investigator Gilbert Malum, the police would charge the suspects with unlawfully  on premises and breaking and entering.

He appealed to the community to respect public servants and the government properties and not assault or threaten health workers. 

He urged the people to work closely with the police to solve problems.

The threats had not been taken lightly by the Huon district administrator Tony Ase who ordered the closure of the health centre for an  indefinite period.