Six test positive for Covid-19


NATIONAL Pandemic Response deputy controller Dr Daoni Esorom says six people at the National Control Centre in Port Moresby have tested positive for Coronavirus (Covid-19).
He yesterday said none of the six infected staff were vaccinated and there was no cross-infection to vaccinated staff who remain safe and Covid-free.
Dr Esorom said the six positive cases had placed other unvaccinated staff and family members at high risk of contracting Covid-19 and action was being taken to ensure workplace health and safety was ensured.
“In order to better secure the safety of our workplace, community and their families, strict new measures are now coming into force at the National Control Centre,” he said.
“Everyone working at the NCC must have at least their first vaccine dose by Aug 31.
“Those not vaccinated will be required to take a Covid-19 test every three days in order to provide ongoing assurance that they do not pose a risk to their fellow workers, particularly as we face the threat of a Delta variant spread.”