Six winners declared in West New Britain LLG

National, Normal

The National, Monday July 22nd, 2013


SIX councillors have been declared winners in the Kaliai Kove local level government in Kandrian, West New Britain.

Thomas Paile, the only new councilor, won the seat for Aria No 1 or Ward 13. 

The other five are Peter Amlamo for Mouk ward 12, Michael Karing of ward 10, Mark Ben of Sisili Sapulo of ward 5, Bernard Kava of Kalmaruhi ward 4 and Manuel Sali for Anem-Sahe which is ward 9. 

Kava was vice president of the Kaliai Kove LLG in the last term.

Assistant Returning Officer Jeffery Osa said the election in the LLG ran smoothly although there were some teething problems.

He said there were reports of indoor campaigning in the area where candidates campaigned in homes while polling was in progress.

Osa said he had warned people not to entertain candidates attempting to conduct indoor campaigns while the polling was on.

Osa said there were also people caught double voting.

He hoped to begin counting for the president’s seat on Aug 1.

There are 46 candidates running for 13 ward councilor seats while 10 are contesting the president’s seat.