Six women among nine acting judges appointed by commission

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SIX new women acting judges were appointed together for the first time by the Judicial and Legal Service Commission.
Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika said it was the highest number of acting female judges appointed at any one time since 1975.
“These females are all senior lawyers with a wealth of law-practising experiences in civil and criminal litigations and were all appointed on merit,” he said.
“They are Laura Wawun Kuvi, Irene Ann Mugugia, Gertrude Tamate, Tracy Ganaii, Nerrie Eliakim and Emma Wurr.
“Three of them were magistrates with Eliakim who was once the chief magistrate (from 2013-2019).
“She rejoined her law firm Young and Williams after her term as the chief magistrate was up. And now she has been elevated.
Ganaii and Kuvi were serving magistrates at the District Court and they did well to be elevated to be acting judges. “Both were in the Public Prosecutors Office and where lawyers in many criminal trials,” he said.
“Wurr has been serving in the Office of Public Solicitor and has also been a lawyer in many criminal trials.
“And Mugugia also has lawyer experiences in both criminal and civil litigations.
“So these acting female lawyers are very established in the law professional and I’m proud of their appointments.”
Sir Gibbs said that they would be needed since the death of Cathy Davani and Leka Nablu.